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J.A. Baczewski Orange Vodka 38% 50cl

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This fine polish orange liqueur, based on an old family recipe, infuses a natural orange fruitiness and a delicate herbal bouquet into a robust spirits base. This liqueur is especially appreciated in Poland and by aficionados across Europe. Excellent as an aperitif, as a night-cap or with desserts and sweets.

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J.A. BACZEWSKI (J.A. Ba-chev-ski) was founded in Lwow, Poland in 1782. It was one of the biggest and most prestigious producers of vodkaa and liqueurs in pre-war Europe. Today its products are synonymous with high quality and are loved by consumers and connossieurs all over the world.

Pomarańczówka is a traditional premium orange vodka that maintains the heritage and unique taste and soul of J.A. Baczewski liqueurs, made from the juice of the finest selected fruits, pure potato spirit and fresh Alpine spring water.

  • Fine polish orange flavour liqueur
  • This traditionally style liqueur is bright with citrus and features subtle herbal notes further on
  • Infuses a natural orange fruitiness and a delicate herbal bouquet into a robust spirits base
  • Exceptional taste and softness gives the vodka high quality potato alcohol

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