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  • Hobo Beer & Co

    HOBO Beer & Co. produce an excellent Czech lager, brewed in the Northern Bohemian town of Zatec using Moravian malted barley and Saaz hops.

    Hobo Beer & Co was set up four years ago by half-a-dozen ‘adventurous, hard-working gentleman’ with more than a 100 years’ experience in the drinks business. These include Scott Collins of MEATliquor, Stuart Ekins and Richard Herbert of Cask Liquid Marketing; David Page of Fulham Shore and The Thinking Drinkers – Ben McFarland & Tom Sandham.

    In 2016, four years after launching its flagship Czech Craft Lager, Hobo Beer & Co joined forces with Aspall Cyder in Suffolk, the illustrious family-owned cidermaker who first planted apple orchards in the fruitful farmlands of East Anglia back in the 1720s.

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  • Maurer

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  • Midnight Moon - Moonshine

    What is Moonshine?
    Moonshine was originally a high-proof distilled spirit that was produced illicitly!

    Named ‘Moonshine’ because distillation was usually done at night to avoid discovery

    Nowadays Moonshine is a spirit typically made with corn mash, and produced according to the original bootlegging tradition

  • Navajas Rioja

    Bodegas Navajas is a family run winery situated in the village of Navarrete, in the heart of the Rioja region. The bodega was founded in 1918 but it wasn’t until 1983 when the Navajas family finally took complete control of the winery which has seen a dramatic improvement in quality ever since. The Bodega is run by Antonio Navajas and his wife, Rosa Maria Gandarias. Their son, Roberto, is responsible for production and quality control and their daughter, Mercedes, is in charge of exports.

  • Protos

    Protos, which comes from the Greek word for "FIRST", has the pride and the privilege of having found maturity and ease in the best and the foremost of the wineries in the area and of having been a recognized trademark all this time.

Results 1 - 9 of 10 items