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Dom Pérignon Champagne - Vintage 2005

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Since the very beginning, the conviction of the Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave has been to witness exceptional vintages. More than an expression it is an ideal. It requires knowing how to accept the challenge of the each year without preconception or indulgence.

  • 70cl
  • ABV 12.5%

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No other Dom Pérignon creation better embodies this principle than Vintage 2005, which we now finally discover in its first Plénitude, after a minimum of nine years of maturation in the cellars.

Due to an unusually hot and dry season, 2005 was full of contrasts. August's heatwave was tempered by September's coolness and abundant rain. Outbreaks of Botrytis - grey rot - developed on the only Pinot Noir. Fortunately, this threat was balanced by the good weather that reappeared at the start of the harvest.

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Founded in 1952 by a band of grape growers in the Valdobbiadene area, Val d’Oca has grown to become a cooperative of 576 members spread out over 714ha of land.

An elegant floral bouquet and good mousse, this has a perfect balance between acidity and softness.

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