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Squadron 303 Vodka

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Ultra premium English vodka, Originally Distilled in England by Polish Heroes.

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This beautifully crafted vodka is inspired by the true story of the Polish fighters in No. 303 Squadron - the most formidable RAF squadron of the Battle of Britain - whose bravery and victories were celebrated with a “Shot of Glory”, shots of vodka distilled by the airmen on the RAF base. No detail has been overlooked in the creation of this very special spirit.

Squadron 303 vodka is handcrafted in England, in bespoke 200 litre copper pot stills, with respect for history and tradition from start to finish. Just as the RAF pilots produced their own handcrafted vodka with basic stills, Squadron 303 vodka is unfiltered and distilled only once, to the highest quality specification. This gives a vodka of beautiful purity and exceptionally smooth taste - an ultra-premium drink which is also bottled history.


‘Optima in Historiae’, this is the latin motto of the Squadron 303 vodka. It means, ‘Take the best from History’.

1939. After the invasion of their country by the German army, hundreds of Polish pilots joined the RAF to continue the fight among the allies. From their first aerial combat, those experienced pilots impressed the Royal Air Force leaders so much that they decided to create dedicated polish squadrons. One of them has made History, becoming the most formidable opponent of the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain recording the most victories of any squadron in the RAF. Its name, the 303 Squadron.

The 303 squadron gave rise to many tales of valour and legend celebrating their combat skills and lives in England. One of which refers to a story that they secretly brought a little piece of Poland with them by distilling vodka on the base to celebrate their victories and remind them of their homeland. Before each battle, one spitfire was equipped with an extra tank full of vodka to cool it at altitude while in combat. At the end of the mission, the extra tanker was detached, the cold liquid was poured in the pilots flask and so could start the well-named ‘Shot of Glory.’ And the legend says the Spitfire with the vodka drop tank always came back safely.


The second life of the Shot of Glory ritual begins with the discovery of a flask that belonged to Walerian Zak, one of the squadron leaders of 303 Squadron. This was the trigger of a crazy project by a bunch of history buff friends : to launch the very first English Ultra-Premium vodka based on the true story of the 303 Squadron. This is how, 75 years later the legendary Shot of Glory is back. As well as the Squadron 303 vodka and its unique distillation process.


As the RAF pilots produced their own handcrafted vodka with basic stills, the Squadron 303 vodka had to be unfiltered and distilled just once.

Distilling method used allows to reach a 96+% pure distillate whilst maintaining a smooth taste and nose through an extremely slow process. It follows a five-step water filtration with the lowest possible augmentation to deliver the 40° alcohol. The vodka is then oxygenated and left to mature for 10 days, just like world class rums.

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