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BRANDY SUAU ORANGE is the result of the combination of SUAU 8 with a careful maceration of different parts of various types of oranges, which provide the aromatic phase and its own identity. Made on the island of Mallorca, using traditional methods. 

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Made on the island of Mallorca, respecting the traditional processing methods in strips, the product complies with current regulatory requirements of Brandy of Spanish origin, although its formulation dates from the 19th century.

The underground cellars were built in the early nineteenth century with very peculiar characteristics that allow a controlled temperature, humidity and air circulation, throughout the year, which give our brandy a touch of distinction in the quality of the aging process.

BRANDY SUAU ORANGE is the result of the combination of SUAU 8 with a careful maceration of different parts of various types of oranges, which provide the aromatic phase and its own identity.

For sweet oranges such as form Valencia, we macerate the mature peel, the white peel, and parts of fruit juices, and soul taste of Curaçao oranges known as Lahara orange, only the dehydrated green peel is macerated which provide lots of bitter citrus essential oils to the product.

The selection of fruits with a suitable maturity allows us to get persistent aromas in time and provide the product with aromatic and flavor stability as well as a large presence of the sugars of these fruits.

Once all the parts of the different oranges have been macerated in alcohol for several days, these are distilled in our traditional stills in order to extract the different aromatics. This process is performed three times to obtain the final composition and purity.

After the mix is aged for 3 months in American oak barrels to obtain a balanced, proportional and properly product integrated into all aromatic phases.

Appearance: Dark amber, shiny, without suspended particles.

Aroma: In aging transformed wood, balanced with well defined citrus notes, without irritating aromas, good balanced between all components, well integrated citrus macerations and with aromas of the distilled wine spirits oxidized in aged oak wood.

Taste: Marked sweetness, well aged spirits, all flavors well integrated with a touch of bitter orange and lemon remembers well the wine fermentation and citrus maceration.

Feeling when swallowing: Slightly sharp, no bitterness, no itching, remains the palate remembering a good aged grape distillate, and the freshness of sweet orange, Curacao orange, and lemon.

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