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Zignum Mezcal Anejo 38% 70cl

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Aged 18 months in new French oak barrels.
Bright amber color.
Robust mix of wood aromas.
Possesses a fine and persistent bouquet.
Enjoyed best neat for optimal savoring.

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The most ancient of Mexican spirits, Mezcal comes from the state of Oaxaca, a place where the most unique agaves in the world grow. It is from these fabled plants, that Zignum Mezcal was born.

A high quality distillation process gives Zignum its noted smooth, clean taste and superior quality,
rendering it a perfect base for any cocktail. This is what makes the product completely unique and first in
its class.

The Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto is a 100% Mexican-owned company with over 80 proud years contributing to the country’s business heritage.

Zignum, the purest Mezcal in the world, already enjoys the distinction of being the first Premium Mezcal with the ISO 9001: 2015 certification. Clean industry and Kosher.


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Zignum Mezcal Reposado 38% 70cl

Zignum Mezcal Reposado 38% 70cl

ZIGNUM Reposado

Aged 9 months in new toasted American oak barrels.
Golden color with elegant brown hues.
Delicate vanilla aroma.
Intense wood flavor.
Can be mixed in any cocktail.
Enjoyed best alone, chilled, or with a slice of orange.

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