Debowa Vodka Extra 40% 50cl


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Debowa Oak Vodka is an outstanding vodka that is the result of a most unique formula crafted throughout the ages. Combining only the best natural ingredients and a centuries old traditional distillation method, a wonderful blend of vodka has been created.

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Debowa Polska is a wonderful, delicate Polish vodka, which has gained fame not only in the country but also around the world. Debowa Polska is already famous for the production process itself, which uses only natural ingredients of the highest quality. The best grain spirit, crystal clear water, and a bit of oak wood make Debowa Polska a phenomenon on a global scale.

Its additional advantage is its unique wooden packaging. Debowa Polska Ekstra (Extra) vodka in an original bottle composed into an oak barrel will serve as a perfect decoration of many tables.

The perfect gift idea for any occasion. It will certainly work as a gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or wedding reception.



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Debowa Vodka Extra 40% 50cl

Debowa Vodka Extra 40% 50cl