Jodhpur Gin Reserve


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Jodhpur Reserve is aged for two years in white American oak barrels which once contained brandy and macerated with vanilla and roasted cacao. The end results a perfect and unique gin that combines the art of distillation with the patience of the ageing process. A distillate of great aromatic complexity, with notes of vanilla, dried fruits and wood.

  • 43%
  • 50cl

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The aroma of the Jodhpur Gin Reserve at first has the typical scents of Gin which is spicy juniper berry and  zesty citrus. However after some time  the Jodhpur Gin Reserve nose surprises with an uncharacteristic touch of vanilla, which creates a  relaxing and pleasant feeling.

The taste scores of Jodhpur Gin Reserve with a varied combination of Juniper berry  and liquorice  which produces  a very creamy taste throughout the experience. The finish has a pleasant length and pampers your palate in the nuances of luxurious  vanilla and toasted caramel.

The Jodhpur Gin Reserve  like its amazing  little brother, the Jodhpur Gin, is proudly produced by the Beveland Distillers, Langley Distillery in Birmingham England. The original Beveland Distillery was founded by Ramon Masoliver in 1994 in Spain and has over 100 years of combustion experience and pays special attention to the quality of their celebrated product. For this reason, the production  of the singular Jodhpur Gin Reserve is limited to between 3000 – 5000 bottles per year making this spectacular Gin a collectors item.

The Jodhpur Gin Reserve was launched in 2013 and the Gin was named after the city of Jodhpur in the middle of India which enjoys year round sunshine. This is where the Indian style jodhpur pants were worn by royalty when playing polo. These pants were an overnight sensation in 1897 when Pratap Sing the son of the Maharaja visited England and was quickly adopted by the British.

The Botanicals of the Jodhpur Gin Reserve contribute to the bitterness, sweetness, freshness, and herbal aroma of the Gin and includes spicy  juniper berry, angelica root from Saxony and Belgium, coriander seed from Bulgaria and Morocco, orris root, citrus fruit peel, liquorice root, ginger, grapefruit peel, bitter almonds and the roots of violets. The carefully selected Botanicals are then macerated for seven days and distilled four times. The unique creamy, mild and light flavour of  the Jodhpur Gin Reserve is as a result of the London Dry Gin being lovingly stored for over 2 years in old oak casks, where Brandy was previously  incorporated. Due to its production and its special oak barrel aging the illustrious Jodhpur Gin Reserve is very exclusive and enjoys a particularly high reputation among Gin critics.

Visually, the Jodhpur  Gin Reserve Premium Gin is presented  elegantly and playfully. The  squat circular  black and gold neo-classical glass bottle  is decorated with a screen printed golden juniper berry shrub and is suitable both as a noble gift and design object to show off on the shelf.

In order to savour the unique taste of the Jodhpur Gin Reserve at full length, it is advisable to enjoy the Gin pure. This way  the taste experience is not distorted. For those who cannot imagine Gin without Tonic Water, it is advisable to combine it with a Gents Swiss Roots Tonic Water or a Fentimans Tonic.