Jodhpur Spicy Gin


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Jodhpur Spicy is the first spicy gin in the market. Produced in the same way as Jodhpur Gin, Jodhpur Spicy has a surprisingly warm, spicy taste, mainly due to its chili content that, along with other spices grown in India, will transport you to the very heart of Jodhpur.

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Jodhpur Gin Spicy, which is part of the base of Jodhpur London Dry Gin, made using the most representative native Indian plants. Strongly determined to be pioneers and surprise with a new gin that moves away from the current trend and towards gins with citrus and/or fruits, Beveland presents a limited production gin, which, thanks to plants such as Chilli, white and black pepper, stands out thanks to its spicy and warm finish on the palate.

A gin that surprises with its spicy character and which joins the cultural culinary trend of using products with exotic origins.

  • 70cl
  • 43%
Jodhpur Spicy Gin

Jodhpur Spicy Gin