Krupnik Bitter With Mint 30% 50cl


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  • Alcohol Content: 38%
  • Liquid Volume: 50cl

Krupnik Bitter with Mint is a legendary recipe made from natural ingredients inspired by the tradition of Polish liqueur production. The refined recipe is confirmed by consumer research, makes Krupnik Gorzki with Mint unique and worth recommending. ‘Bittery’ is the common name for a bittersweet liqueur with a dry taste and a delicate spicy aroma.
Please note that Krupnik changed the shape of the bottle from an elliptical base to a round one, so you can get this product in a different bottle than in the picture – a bottle with an elliptical base.

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Krupnik is a brand that dates back to the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, where the first mentions of Krupnik come from. Krupnik was then called a spirit drink based on honey and carefully selected herbs and spices. Originally produced by monks as a medicine, it quickly became present on the tables of Polish noble houses.

Krupnik is for those who value the warm atmosphere of meetings with family and friends. It is a symbol of craftsmanship of thirteen generations of distillers and the unbroken tradition of the oldest factory of vodkas and liqueurs, going back to year 1764.

Today, Krupnik is not only a liqueur based on honey, herbs and spices, but also pure vodka, flavored and milk liqueurs, which are made only from natural ingredients.

Krupnik Bitter With Mint 30% 50cl

Krupnik Bitter With Mint 30% 50cl