Krupnik Advokat Eggnog 16% 50cl


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Composed of the highest quality ingredients – real cream, natural yolks and a hint of vanilla bean. Our cream-based liqueurs softly melt in the mouth, revealing the experience of an exceptional delight. They are perfect both for drinking in a glass and as an addition to coffee, shakes or drinks. Culinary enthusiasts use them as toppings for ice cream and an ingredient in desserts: creams, mousses, cakes, cakes, cookies and many others.
Please note that Krupnik changed the shape of the bottle from an elliptical base to a round one, so you can get this product in a different bottle than in the picture – a bottle with an elliptical base.


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Krupnik Advokat Eggnog 16% 50cl

Krupnik Advokat Eggnog 16% 50cl