Krupnik Elderflower Vodka 50cl


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The original Elderflower taste liqueur, made from the finest quality ingredients.


Composition of excellent ingredients gathered by vodka experts makes it exquisite product. Only the high quality grains selected by master distillers will compound to produce the highest quality spirit, the most important component of Krupnik vodka. Second equally important factor is water drawn from Oligocene springs. That all made Krupnik vodka, in a very short term, too be the second best selling vodka in Poland, overtaking famous brands available in Poland for many years. Krupnik premium vodka has been awarded with many prestigious accolades and awards (it was awarded with Market Pearls FMCG 2011 and FMCG HIT 2011).


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Krupnik Elderflower Vodka 50cl

Krupnik Elderflower Vodka 50cl