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Krupnik Lemon is a refreshing, fresh and aromatic vodka, combining the taste of ripe, juicy lemons, high-class spirit and crystal clear water drawn from our deep wells. It is ideal both for pure drinking and as an ingredient for cocktails.
Krupnik liqueurs are composed on the basis of old Polish recipes carefully written down and passed on from generation to generation. They owe their unique intensity and aroma to juicy, sun-saturated fruits from rural orchards, gardens and meadows. Ripe, hand-picked, macerated and enriched with unique blends of spices. The whole is complemented by a velvety and mild taste of excellent spirit making Krupnik liqueurs a unique combination of modern distillation techniques and Polish craftsmanship passed on through generations of distilling masters.
Please note that Krupnik changed the shape of the bottle from an elliptical base to a round one, so you can get this product in a different bottle than in the picture – a bottle with an elliptical base.

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