Mocktails Taster Pack with free Shaker

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Mocktails fills the void between soft drinks and concentrated cocktail mixers by being the first premium ready to drink alcohol-free cocktail and better for you mixer with its innovative line of health conscious lower sugar, lower calorie, yet great tasting Cocktail Inspired Beverages®.

We like to say our ingredients are so clean, that they’re Pregnant Mother Approved®; made with real fruit juices, exotic and natural flavors, and pure cane sugar. They are also non-GMO, gluten-free drinks!

Simple to serve and great tasting, our non-alcoholic drinks contain 1/2 the calories and sugar, yet, they do not taste “diet” in any way. There are no artificial colors or flavors added.

Taster pack includes:
1 x 200ml Mockarita
1 x 200ml Mockscow Mule
1 x 200ml Sansgria
1 x 200ml Mockapolitan

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The whole idea was to include our friends and family that didn’t drink alcohol to be in on the fun. They were tired of sub-par drinks while everyone else enjoyed their beautiful cocktails, wine, and craft beers. The standard available options were simply no longer acceptable.

So say goodbye to cranberry and seltzer, super sweet artificial sodas, and syrupy chemical cocktail mixers, and say hello to a premium drinking experience!

Whether you enjoy our drinks straight out of the bottle, create one of our delicious recipes, or add alcohol to create a Mocktail Cocktail, everyone can have fun together with or without alcohol.

We like to say “Mixology Inspired and Uniquely Crafted.”

Mocktails Taster Pack with free Shaker

Mocktails Taster Pack with free Shaker