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Full Beer in filtered version which aimed to satisfy the taste of the labourers that were building the Polish nation anew after the war. Made from clear Pilzner’s malt imported from the friendly Czech Republic.

  • Malts: Pilznen
  • Hop: Magnum, Sybilla, Hallertauer, Tradition

The glass is very important!

You probably have seen a lot of different kind of beer glasses or mugs. The shape of the glass is not only the artistic fantasy of producers. The colour and transitions have a big influence during the tasting, to find out properly the characteristic features of the beers and enjoy full variety of flavours.

Don’t drink the cold beer!

The best beer is a cold beer; however it’s not true. The low temperature causes lack of aroma and by it different taste. If we are talking about the low quality beers – consuming beer cold is preferable. But if someone is telling you “You should drink our beer cold” it meant that they simply intending to hide defects or uninteresting taste of their product. The beer temperature in which it should be consumed differs depending on what kind of beer is being consumed. Lager beers should be served at 8°C (46.4°F). The dark beers appx 10°C-15°C (50°F-59°F).

What is upper and bottom open fermentation?

A lot of different kind of yeasts are being used for beer fermentation process. There are two groups of yeasts. First group are fermenting in higher temperature, otherwise called upper fermentation and the second group which need only few degrees of temperature, is used in process called bottom open fermentation.

The beer can be squeezed.

The beer is a drink, which is consumed in large quantities during hot days. Each beer has its own character, which can be discovered by everyone. How can this be unravelled step by step?

First – check the colour and clarity. The beers can have different colours from white, through strawberry red, gold, copper all the way to black tar. It is not a disadvantage, but it is the character of a given style. Lager should be crystalline, but Witbier should be cloudy.

Second –  foam. Depending on beer type while pouring it will generate smaller or larger foam. One style more than other. The beer foaming is not a side effect, but it saves our beer against watering.

Third – aroma. You can find a huge variety of aroma in a beer. Some are needed, some decide about the beer weight. If you smell citrus, exotic fruits or herbs, it doesn’t mean that somebody add marjoram or grapefruit. Malts, hops even yeasts used for brewing process affects these aromas. However butter aromas, boiled vegetables aromas and iron aromas are not acceptable.

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PRL Full Beer

PRL Full Beer