Staropolskie Dworskie Craft Beer


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Staropolskie Dworskie Beer is made with best quality raw materials and processed in the open fermentation process. But that is not the end, the drink is then put in open cellars to lie and mature for few weeks. This is how the Staropolskie Dworskie is brewed and because of that this beer has full, very malty flavor that will satisfy real gourments.


Established in 1892 by one of the members of most famous and respectful brewery families of that period, Zenona Anstadta, from the beginning Brewery was valued by the deep taste of Polish beer.

In Year 1916 property was acquired by family of Magierkiewicz and stayed under their management till breakout of World War II. Brewery was functioning in times of German occupation providing working space for the local population.

Next owner was family of Blusiewicz, which was running the brewery in years 1947-1951. In the end of 1951 Brewery was nationalized and incorporated into Brewery Department of Lodz. In the brake of 1996 and 1997 family of Blusiewicz reclaimed their rights to Brewery and begun beer production as a family company under the name of Browar Staropolski.Modernization of the Brewery allowed to increase the production power up to 100 thousands hectoliters of beer per year.

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Staropolskie Dworskie Craft Beer

Staropolskie Dworskie Craft Beer