Suau Brandy 15 years’ old


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Premium brandy, traditionally aged for 15 years in the microclimate of an underground cellar in Mallorca. Suau distillery was founded in 1851 by captain Juan Suau i Bennaser and their brandy is using the “solera” system under the same conditions as 160 years ago.

  • 70cl
  • 37%


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APPEARANCE: Dark amber, bright with copper flashes in the glass.

AROMA: very good aromatic integrity between all of its distillate components and oak wood.

TASTE: It is reminiscent of the wine alcohol fermentation, slightly sweet, fruity with aged oak wood and vanilla hints.

SENSATION WHEN DRINKING: Slightly sharp, neither bitter nor spicy. It remains well in the palate. It is reminiscent of the initial notes of its aromatic composition.

Suau Brandy 15 years’ old

Suau Brandy 15 years’ old