Suau Brandy 8 years’ old


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Premium brandy, traditionally aged for 8 years in the microclimate of an underground cellar in Mallorca. Suau distillery was founded in 1851 by captain Juan Suau i Bennaser and their brandy is distilled in the exactly same way as 160 years ago.

  • 70cl
  • 37%


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APPEARANCE: brilliant dark amber, no suspended particles.

AROMA: wood transformed by age, balanced, no irritating aromas, a good balance between all of its components, well blended.

TASTE: concordant to a well-aged distillate, all the flavours are well integrated, the fermentation of the wine must be easily recalled, lightly sweet and fruity, very well transformed oak wood.

SENSATION WHEN DRINKING: lightly stinging, no bitterness or sharpness, it stays in the palate recalling a good distillate from aged grapes.

Suau Brandy 8 years’ old

Suau Brandy 8 years’ old