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We’re bringing Poland’s hottest new vodka to the UK. It’s called Amber inside Vodka. If you love luxury vodka, you’ll want to be the first to get your hands on this treat. The unique thing about Amber inside Vodka is that each bottle actually contains natural Polish amber (certified by the International Amber Association).  

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Well, amber doesn’t just make the bottle look pretty. Amber is known as the “Jewel of the Baltic Sea” because it’s been used for its health-promoting properties for thousands of years.

Cool historical note: The southern coast of the Baltic Sea was LOADED with beautiful amber 1,000 years before Christ. People used it for magic and medicine and used it to treat headaches, asthma, lung disease, and more.

Amber inside Vodka perfectly encapsulates everything we love about premium vodka:

  • Toasting the health of love ones
  • Appreciating fine craftsmanship & flavour
  • Feeling connected to an age-old tradition that has matured for centuries
  • Enjoying a luxurious ritual (sitting back, slowing down, and pouring a great drink)

Each bottle of AMBER inside VODKA contains natural Polish amber provided with a certificate of origin issued by the International Amber Association. Bottle is decorated with gold.  

Amber inside VODKA is characterised by initially mild, velvet flavour, which then turns to refined sophistication to eventually warm up your senses with sunny amber.

Amber is Baltic’s treasure: it has been known for its health-promoting properties for thousands of years. Its golden colour refers to such precious metal that is gold: that is why it is called “the Jewel of the Baltic Sea”.

Making use of naturalness and elegance of this stone and the top quality Polish spirit, we have created matured vodka, AMBER inside VODKA, a prestigious product for a connoisseur of taste and quality. 

Each bottle of AMBER inside VODKA contains natural Polish amber provided with a certificate of origin issued by the International Amber Association.

Before filling in with AMBER inside VODKA, each bottle and ambers are rinsed out with pure vodka. 

Amber inside VODKA is characterised by initially mild, velvet flavour, which then turns to refined sophistication to eventually warm up your senses with sunny amber.

  • Amber inside VODKA is vodka matured in the barrel with ambers.
  • Amber inside VODKA is the jewel of the Baltic Sea
  • Amber inside VODKA based on the best Polish spirit and natural amber.

An old legend says....

that amber is nothing more than human tears from the period of a 40- day rain…

Slavonic name -“jantar”- originates from the Phoenician word jain-itar meaning – sea resin. As early as 1000 years before Christ. the southern coast of the Baltic Sea was famous for its wealth of amber findings. Amber was used both in magic and in the production of medicines as it was believed to have medicinal properties. The Polish Amber was supposed to be an effective medicine for lung diseases, catarrh, headaches, asthma and rheumatism.

Take a look inside the Polish Amber in the evening and let its color remind you of a sunny day, the Baltic Sea sand and the smell of hot pine needles.

The natural amber inside this bottle has a certificate of authenticity and origin.

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