J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Vodka 70 cl / 40%  View Full Screen

J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Vodka 70 cl / 40%

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Over 230 years of history and distillation expertise, is the unique magical heritage of this true vodka classic. When combined with the finest quality potatoes, that make a superlative spirit & pure Alpine spring water, it is really no surprise that you have a World Class Double Gold Medal winner in Baczewski Monopolowa.

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This is a premium vodka that encapsulates the total essence of heritage. Established in 1782 in Lwow, J.A. Baczewski has always been produced according to tradition and a proven recipe. The highest quality potatoes are selected to make each bottle of J.A. Baczewski, before being triple distilled to ensure that the unique taste and soul of the vodka is given. Once this process has been undertaken, the spirit is diluted by the clearest spring water straight from the Alps to achieve its 40 percent concentration.

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J.A. Baczewski Blackberry Vodka 38% 50cl

J.A. Baczewski Blackberry Vodka 38% 50cl

This is again a premium vodka that maintains everything expected from a brand reaped in history and awards for 230 years. Once more a younger sister, 38% in concentration and distributed in a 500ml bottle.

Jezinowka is a traditional natural Polish blackberry liqueur, made from the juice of select blackberries which grow abundantly throughout central Europe.

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